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99% Authentic - Wiperts.com Removing Your Personal Information From Google and Online

99% Authentic

99% Authentic Sophisticated scammers don’t play around You’re buying a house. You’re about to wire over the down payment after receiving the email from your real estate agent and lawyer. Everything looks real, the contract in the email is the same as the one in your hand, and the details match 99%. But when you…

Questioning Identity Fraud - Wiperts.com Removing Your Personal Information From Google and Online

Questioning Identity Fraud

Questioning Identity Fraud We shouldn’t accept the excuses we keep hearing You would think that in 2019 major financial institutions and tech companies would be significantly better at preventing fraud and returning money to those who have been defrauded. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much progress. Money stolen is money lost in many cases and the…

Security or Advertising - Wiperts.com Removing Your Personal Information From Google and Online

Security or Advertising?

Security or Advertising? If it’s so secure… why does it keep getting hacked? Every technology company claims that its technology is impenetrable, that safety and security are top priorities in addition to your privacy. Then a group of hackers takes every scrap of information that’s available on their supposedly secure servers. What’s infuriating and sad…