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5G Threatens Privacy - Wiperts.com Removing Your Personal Information From Google and Online

5G Threatens Privacy

5G Threatens Privacy New technology, same concerns History endlessly repeats itself. As new technologies rollout, we find ourselves questioning two entities – governments and corporations. How much privacy should we give up to government and corporations? Ideally, as little as needed to ensure that society can safely proceed with what must be done for everyone…

Crime Never Sleeps - Wiperts.com Removing Your Personal Information From Google and Online

Crime Never Sleeps

Crime Never Sleeps While the government was on snooze, criminals pounced on victims nationwide. It’s hard to maintain law and order when there’s no money to pay employees who actually do the work. As politicians argued in short bursts and rested in their estates, criminals pilfered millions of dollars from normal citizens. Police departments had…

What is a credit freeze?

What is a Credit Freeze?

What is a Credit Freeze? In late September 2018 credit report freezes became free for Americans. Congress moved an inch and amended the Fair Credit Reporting Act to finally remove the cost of freezing and unfreezing credit reports. What is a credit freeze? According to the Federal Trade Commission, this free tool lets you restrict…