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Digital Master Keys

Digital Master Keys Digital locksmiths are referred to as cyber security experts. As defense engineers, they design systems to protect and fortify digital networks. From time to time someone forgets to lock a backdoor and all the juicy inside secrets spill out into the world. Sometimes the lock malfunctions without anyone noticing for a long…

Phishing for Personal Info

Phishing for Personal Info Same scam, different techniques Somethings never get old and stealing information is one of those things. Phishing is commonly done through email, but times have changed so much since the first iteration of the World Wide Web. We’re practically on a whole new playing field, with new rules and gadgets. It’s…

Transparency for Who?

Transparency for Who? Consumers seem to be transparent as big organizations become opaque Transparency seems to be the new buzzword for governments and corporations alike. But who’s really becoming more transparent at the end of the day? Are they… or are we? Privacy is continually being eroded at legal levels all around the world. Governments…