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Google can find your personal information faster than phonebooks

Wiping Down Google

Info@wiperts.com Wiping Down Google Google can find your personal information faster than phonebooks When we were first introduced to the internet, we all saw it as a clean place. The things we could do were limited, but back then we thought words on a CRT screen couldnโ€™t affect us in real life. Broadband networks werenโ€™t…

Doxxing Can Happen to Anyone

Doxxing Can Happen to Anyone

Info@wiperts.com Doxxing Can Happen to Anyone What exactly is doxxing? Many of us deal with mean people on the internet, but online trolls can be very nasty. Online trolling becomes quite serious after someone maliciously reveals genuine private information for others to use and target their attacks toward. Personal information intentionally leaked online is called…